Hungarian small post catalogue


This online catalog is based on the research work of Tamás Gudlin and Árpádné Csatlós, which was supplemented with data and images by many other stamp collectors. The purpose of the catalog is a systematic presentation of the Hungarian Post's collection point, postal agency and branch post cancellations with evaluations. The catalog was also published in book form, supplemented by a longer study with a historical overview. The operation of postal agencies using these cataloged cancellations can be divided into the following major eras:

  1. Between 1788 and 1941, collection points operated, with several interruptions. A significant number of collection points only existed between 1900 and 1918.
  2. From 1886 to 1900, branch post offices were often opened as branches of the only post office in some larger cities. From January 1, 1900, they were transformed into a post office, so their branch post status ceased.
  3. From 1902 to 1950, in addition to post offices, postal agencies served residential and official needs. The processed results in the catalog consist of those cancellations in nearly two-thirds.
  4. On 1st January 1951, the postal regulations came into force, which centrally renamed postal agencies to branch post offices. The postal agency cancellations were gradually replaced everywhere over a period of about 10 years by branch post cancels. Until the system change in 1989, only post offices and branch offices operated in Hungary.
  5. After 1989, post office and postal agency operations existed side by side. By 2015, both the branch post office and the postal agency form of operation have completely ceased, so the long history of branch post offices and postal agencies has come to an end, at least for the time being.